English Speaking


Overseas Care giver is a ONE OF ITS KIND Institute. Overseas Care giver boasts of a highly trained experienced faculty that not only teaches well but is instrumental in upgrading the course material and bringing in innovations from time to time. We at Overseas Care giver believe in quality not quantity. Therefore it is our endeavour to give a lot of personal attention to the students to ensure success.


It is well known fact that without a good command of Spoken English, one stands little chance of acquiring success in ones respective career. As English is an International Language, emphasis is placed on perfecting the language in its spoken form. This has become more important now than ever before due to the growing network of global communication. The required skill in spoken English is essential in order to become a part of this network.


The willingness to achieve the heights of success in your career and fit into the network of global communication.


Concerted effort will be placed on removing hesitation while speaking English by holding regular conversation and discussion classes and mock interviews. Vocabulary and grammar will also be incorporated in the classes to ensure correct usage of the language.

Group Discussions, usage of affecting appropriate accents, learning correct etiquette all are part of the course content which is both interesting and result oriented.