Who We are

OVERSEAS CARE GIVER INSTITUTE,is India’s leading professional institute dedicated to training of professional nannies. We are internationally recognized for our exceptional training program for certified professional nannies/caregivers. We serve short and long term personal care needs of today’s working families as well as foster the growth of children’s education through our nannies. Overseas care giver Training Institute understands and respects the particular challenges faced both by children and parents as they attempt to balance familys responsibilities with their work commitments. We are dedicated to provide quality senior care/child care in the comfort of your own home/crches/hospitals/ Old age homes etc….

OUR MISSION (We care for whom you care) ;

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for those we serve and we fulfill that mission through the well trained and right people who are able to provide a continuous elderly care/child care solution for your loved one’s safety and security and well being.


We are member of INA (International Nanny Association) USAa professional organization for nannies and those who place, educate, employ and provide special services to the care giving industry.